Friday, October 13, 2017

Plodding Through Plot Problems

Cover Concept Art
My last book came out on Valentine's Day this year (2017). I've been working on and off on another novella, but a few other things have taken from my book writing time AND, when I have been writing, it's been a struggle with my present work. There have been plot perplexities, which I am now working out...when I have the time.

It's not that I'm not writing.

This year I've done a lot of work for local news services and a magazine, not to mention editing and other business writing work. So, I have my excuses, I guess. (Don't we all?) We've been running Harbor House Writing Center this year and we opened Harbor BOOKs & Gifts in September, too.

I wanted to get the new Bayou Boys Adventure, Alien Ambush, out for Thanksgiving 2017 (because the story takes place over the holiday and addresses timely matters).

That may still be possible, but it will be a challenge. I have about fifteen writing days to write half the work (that's 15K words) and then it still has to go through editing and polishing and formatting within the three weeks following.

I may yet do it, but some days I just have too many other things on my mind and on my plate. And honestly, I'm pretty lazy, too. So, please, bear with me. Maybe say a little prayer for me as well.