Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Author Friend Andy R. Bunch Releasing Book of Modern Canterbury Tales

E-book, audio book or paperback: take your pick. It all comes down this Friday (August 29) when local indie author Andy R. Bunch releases yet another book.

This time it's a collection of short stories by the "Suffering Rancor" author, called "Diner Tales" in the tradition of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales."

Here's the description from the Amazon listing:

"Published in Middle English near the end of the 14th century, The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, became an important part of literature and history because it captured a the people and the stories of an era. Author Andy R. Bunch has compiled a modern equivalent of his own tales. Like the original, this is an opus and destined to meld with the fabric of history and literature."

The stories are short and plentiful enough that you can enjoy a quick and enjoyable read each night before bed for a month. You should seriously consider snapping one up this Friday (in the medium of your choice).

Proposed Cover for: "I'm Samson," said Sydney

Here's the front cover mock-up for "I'm Samson," said Sydney, due out this fall. 

The illustration is by April M. Bullard, type design by me. The overall layout (by April and I) is designed to carry over throughout the (potential) series.

So the next one (?) might say "I'm Solomon," at the top and the picture in the circle would be different.

You like?

Also, seven of the twelve inside illustrations are now complete, so we're right on schedule..

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A FIVE STAR Amazon Review for "Voodoo Virus"

Don't Let the Title Scare You

"I bought this copy from the author at a fair. It's actually the most fun I've had in ages. I've been reading a ton of Y/A for friends and found them enjoyable despite the fact than I'm not the target age group at all. This is Middle Grade, so it's even further from something I'd read (my daughter is only 4 months old so we're not there yet). But I cut my teeth on Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. I watched a lot of Scooby Doo as a grade-schooler. This book took me back. It was a fast, fun trip back in time.

"Let's get to the hard parts. This has got to be a marketing challenge for the author. His message is positive, the language and content are age appropriate, and his treatment of the topic is perfect. We live in less innocent times, however. I can imagine a lot of people getting turned off by anything Voodoo. Cast your mind on Disney for a second, and the difference between their treatment of fairy tales and Grimm's telling of them. The author here is solidly in the Disney camp, only he's got a Scooby Doo style twist that means that it's not really Zombies.

"In conclusion: I wouldn't hesitate to let my daughter read this book when she reaches middle grade. In fact I'd encourage her to read it. I believe children get better at reading when they can enjoy it. ~Andy

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Three (3) FREE Books! And NO Postage. All you have to do is like my author page (Gregory E. Zschomler) and say you want to win. If you've already liked my page just post that you wanna win. There will be ONE winner chosen randomly from all entries. No purchase required. 

Young readers (or the parents/grandparents) are encouraged to enter (the books are excellent for readers 12-15). Contest closes September 1, 2014. Please share with young readers you know.

Here's what you could win: 

The entire Bayou Boys Adventure series (Voodoo Virus, Marsh Monster, Playhouse Phantom), plus a free surprise extra. 

Chance of winning depends on the number of entries. If more than twenty (20) people enter I will also send out a consolation prize (a copy of Voodoo Virus) to a second winner. If thirty (30) people enter they'll be a second consolation prize (same); and so on for every ten additional entries.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Update: Revealing Another Illustration for SAMSON

Illustration by April Bullard. Click the pic to make it larger and see the detail.

Hard to believe that the release of "I'm Samson," said Sydney is just three months away! 

I wrote the original text years ago and now, with the fantastic illustrations by local artist April Bullard, the book is, at last, coming to life!

The book, I hope, will be the first in a series of Bible characters books as seen through the eyes of six year-old Sydney. The debut book is about Samson whose story can be found in the Bible book of Judges. Subsequent books will be about Solomon, Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, etc.

I thought it was time that I shared yet another of her illustrations with you. Because even though my rhyming text is cute, the art will make this book beloved.

IN OTHER NEWS: The Amish vs. The Zombies has sold more copies in it's first month than any of my other books have. I'm getting great feedback, too. Many people expect some sort of splatter-film type story and are pleased to find a tale with heartfelt faith, romance and life-lessons as well as thrill. Why not order your copy today?