Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zombies and Bayous and Thugs, Oh My!

Two boys uncover zombies and a biological terrorism plot in the bayous of Louisiana. Voodoo Virus is my latest book (2012) and is available at Amazon in print and e-book forms. You may also ask for it at your local library or favorite bookstore.

I am currently touring the book through the following cities:

Fresno, CA (Mar. 6)
Los Angeles, CA (Mar. 7)
Tucsan, AZ (Mar. 8)
San Antonio, TX (Mar. 9)
New Orleans, LA (Mar. 10-14)
Joplin, MO (Mar. 15-17)
Colorado Springs, CO (Mar. 18-20)
Idaho Falls, ID (Mar. 21)
Spokane, WA (Mar. 22)