Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"What are you working on?"

What am I working on? I'm glad you asked. :)

These days I'm writing a lot of articles for print and the web. I've also had a few pieces in our local daily news. This includes several pieces for, a couple for, and a couple for Washington Coast magazine.

I am also working on a few books, too.

1) I have recently squeezed in time to write a couple bits for an upcoming anthology. I'm mostly collecting others' work for this project, but contributing as well as co-editing with my wife Ruth. It's called Another Load of Chicken Poop on My Sole as the follow-up to our Chicken Poop on My Sole. I have several pieces that I've edited in preparation for inclusion, but I need more stories, so if you've got something that's true; touching and/or funny; about farm life, country living, gardening or pets and can be told in 300 to 1,200 words (give or take) let me know. You could be published, too! (We hope to publish this in September.)

2) I'm working on and off on a book called If It Was a Snake It Would Have Bit You (and other things my father said and what I think he meant), too. It may take me a while as I consider it a side project.

3) I also have significant work done on the fourth Bayou Boys Adventure: Alien Ambush. It's been a couple years in the works due to some plot problems (as well as other projects), but I believe I have those worked through and I have scheduled to complete the work this fall for a Thanksgiving Release (as the story takes place during that time).

4) Finally (for now), I will be doing research in late June on what I hope will be my first full-length adult novel* titled Dead Men DO Tell Tales and writing (feverishly) over the summer. I plan to complete the first draft by November and redraft for NanoWriMo (Nov.) completing the work by the end of 2017 and publishing some time in 2018. (Yay, it be a modern pirate forensic-mystery novel, indeed. I'll say no more, fer the time bein'.)

Meanwhile, I'm at work on other projects as well including our writing center, opening a bookstore and more. I have a few signing events coming up over the summer and into the fall, too (watch for those on my Facebook page).

*I've previously written two adult novellas, The Amish vs. the Zombies and Hell, Heaven and Back.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Coming Late Summer 2017: Harbor BOOKS & Gifts

I keep thinking I'm crazy and I hope it works. The plan is to open a bookstore in the Twin Harbor area.

There really isn't a bookstore on the harbor, though a few places carry books, and a lot of people keep lamenting the fact. So, we're hoping to fill a niche.

Our first 300+ books came in yesterday, but we're going to need a lot more. We've also begun to slowly remodel now that we have a plan (right).

It's going to take us most of the summer to ramp up to an opening as there is much to do. We're HOPING for a soft opening by August sometime and no later than Sept. 5.

We're planning to carry and feature:

Select, bestselling, popular fiction; new books and gently used; books by local authors; and a good lineup of Christian books as well as art books and art supplies and gifts (for readers, writers and visitors).