Friday, October 30, 2015

ZOMBIES Will Be Having Fun at the Library Saturday

Halloween they'll be seen at the Cannon Beach Library. Fun for all ages (eight and up) will be had at the ZOMBIE FEAST...uh, I'm mean, ZOMBIE FEST, October 31, 2015 from 1 to 3 p.m.

The event opens with icebreaker games and features me (author Gregory E. Zschomler). I'll be reading from my books The Amish vs. the Zombies and Voodoo Virus. And sharing zombie poems and songs, plus giving a zombie makeup demonstration (in which I'll be using items easily found around the house).

Plus they'll be games and treats and prizes! I'll have my books available for purchase.
The Bayou Boys Adventure series (pictured at right) will be on sale as a set of three for the special Holiday Pricing of $20.>

SPECIAL FEATURE: During the makeup demonstration I'll answer frequently asked questions and answering other questions from the audience. Questions about the "writer's life," publishing, makeup, and (most importantly) "why zombies?"


Sunday, October 25, 2015

News: Book's Cover Model Becomes Family Member

I am pleased to share the news that my lovely cover model for The Amish vs. the Zombies (she's portraying the Amish protagonist Hannah Strovel, not the zombie), who's real name is Anna, married my nephew, Benjamin Murray.

A bit ironic, because, two years ago (at the age of 17), when she posed for the photos (and filmed the book's trailer) we had no idea she would become family. Pretty cool!

Anna (as Hannah) can be seen at the left.

Anna Murray with her new husband, Ben.

In the book Hannah is reluctant to marry and goes on an adventure to discover who she is only to bring trouble to her community.

The real wedding was wonderful and almost was 'Amish' as it was held at a farm in rural Clark County. The reception was in an indoor horse arena. The happy couple, Anna and Ben, are shown at the right.

Congratulations Ben and Anna (BenAnna)!

Hear the author read from the book at the Cannon Beach Library's Zombie Fest, Halloween between 1 and 3 p.m.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zombie Breakout at Cannon Beach Library!

It's true! Zombies will be having fun.

They'll be seen at the Cannon Beach Library on Halloween, October 31, 2015. Fun for all ages (eight and up) will be had at the ZOMBIE FEAST...uh, I'm mean, ZOMBIE FEST from 1 to 3 p.m.

The event features me (author Gregory E. Zschomler). I'll be reading from my books The Amish vs. the Zombies and Voodoo Virus.

And sharing zombie poems and songs, plus giving a zombie makeup demonstration (in which I'll be using items easily found around the house).

Plus they'll be games and treats and prizes!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Fright House" at the National Lighthouse Museum

NYC peeps: Get your scream on at the National Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island for some Halloween fun Sunday, November one (1).

And while you're there pick up a copy of my book Louie, the Lonely Lighthouse.

PNW peeps: Can't go to NYC? You can pick up Louie on the coast at Beach Books, Cloud and Leaf, Coos Bay History Museum, Jupiter's Books, etc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BOOK LAUNCH at Beach Books in Seaside, Oregon

Yes, the new book arrives early and just in time for "Written in the Sand" at Beach Books in Seaside, Oregon! 

Come on out and get your signed copy hot of the press!

Details on the event here.

Here's what first reviewers are saying:

"Greg has written some great material. These scripts are delightful, creative and fun! It can be tricky and delicate to write material for a church audience and still maintain a high degree of artistic integrity. Greg has done it! These scripts don't "preach" but they do make you think and are highly entertaining. A welcome addition to add to my resources!" ~Chuck Neighbors, Masters Image Productions

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coast on out to Written in the Sand in Seaside, Oregon

For those of you wanting to make a quick jaunt to the Oregon north coast and pick up a few winter reads (or holiday gifts) here's just the opportunity.

This Seaside event is Saturday, October 17, 2015 at Beach Books, 616 Broadway, Seaside OR, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

I'll be signing and selling my books along with 17 other Oregon authors. This is a premium event that you won't want to miss.

The authors include: 

Sandy & Scott Blackman, Cindy Brown, Juliet Cardinal, Sher Davidson, Bill Hall, Robert Hamm, Paula Judith Johnson, Gloria Linkey, Matt Love, Melissa Ousley, Honey Perkel, Brian D. Ratty, Carolyn Rose, Kate Dyer-Seeley, Nancy Slavin, Connie Soper, Susan Stoner, and me: Gregory E. Zschomler.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Make Your Way to Oregon Authors Day at Coos Bay

New Book Release October 30, 2015

In this new collection of ten sketches and two one-act plays, you’ll find good, clean drama that can be performed and enjoyed by all ages.This is a must have collection for you theater ministry or drama class.

Included are two Christmas sketches, two Easter sketches, a Thanksgiving sketch, plus skits on dating, family, communication, evangelism, giving and more for casts of two to ten players.

From the Foreword by Dennis Sparks: 

“Reading Greg’s writings and musings are like getting into Mr. Peabody’s Way Back Time Machine and waxing nostalgic about times long past or thrusting forward into the not-so-distance future...”

Advance orders are being accepted NOW. Get yours in time for the holidays!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Finally I'll be at the Coos History (and Maritime) Museum

I'll be at the Coos History Museum October 10 for sales and signings. The beautiful, new museum opened this summer and has graciously opened up one the their two expo halls for an Oregon Author Book Fair of which I will be a part. I'll have all my books for sale , but will be featuring Louie, the Lonely Lighthouse.

Come on out and join about a dozen local authors from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. at 1210 N. Front St. in Coos Bay, Oregon and enjoy the new museum, too (admission applies to museum viewing, but not the book fair).

Want to know more?

If you've not been to Coos Bay recently, well, here's your chance. The Coos County Historical Society just celebrated it’s grand opening of the brand new Coos Historical & Maritime Museum. The location is right between US Highway 101 and the bay. Before they actually had any installations in place the building itself was a complete work of art. Handcrafted details abound as your eye travels around from the floor to the hand made chairs and on and on. Two large conference rooms face onto the bay. It makes you feel like you are in a boat while looking out the huge windows.

On Saturday, October 10, they will be holding the first annual Oregon Author’s Book Signing event. Graciously, they have offered one of those conference rooms to select Oregon authors to sell and sign books while visiting with the public.

What a wonderful opportunity for us to visit a lovely area of our state while buying a few books prior to the hectic holidays.
  • I'll also be at Writen in the Sand at Beach Books in Seaside, Oregon on Oct. 17. Watch for details.
  • On Oct. 31 I'll be presenting a "Zombie Fest" at the Cannon Beach Library. Details soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Library Censors "The Amish vs. the Zombies" for Banned Book Week

Interesting. It's Banned Book Week and, ironically, I was advised NOT to read from my book The Amish vs. the Zombies at the October 31 Zombie Fest I'm doing for the Cannon Beach Library. 


Okay, so it seems this is a private/non-profit library, not a public library, and is, therefore, run by a board of directors. AND, it seems that one of the board members, of whom I was told is a high profile citizen of the community (read: money-shaker, policy maker), disapproved of the book. [The person obviously should NOT be in the library "business" and doesn't get the concept of "freedom of expression".] They haven't even read my book! 

Not only do they not get "zombies," but they highly disapproved of "making fun of the Amish." Which I do NOT do. I show great respect and accuracy.* But even if I did, the library carries material that I'm not all that fond of either. Should one person have such power?

Regardless, this is censorship. None-the-less, I agreed not to read from the book. I'll read from "Voodoo Virus" where I expose the falsehood in Hoodoo. Isn't that "bashing a religion"?

*And not only do I show respect for the Amish faith, I examine, without judgement, their position on pacifism (presenting three options of reaction to a predator threat that might be taken--flee, fight, and be eaten). The book is about making individual choices, forgiveness, and redemption.

What do YOU think?