Saturday, February 22, 2014

Big Papa Zee Cooking Demo at the Portland Home & Garden Show on Sunday


This just in. I will be doing a cooking demo at the Portland Home & Garden Show at 3 p.m. Sunday. 

I'll be cooking jambalaya. Come on out for a sample.

BTW: My cookbooks have been selling like hotcakes. I have 12 left and I know they will sell out tomorrow at the demo.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Still Time to Catch the NIWA Authors at the Portland Home & Garden Show

My book table setup during my Author Spotlight.
Sales have been fair at the Portland Home and Garden show over the past two days.

I've sold about a dozen books thus far (six Bayou Boys books and six cookbooks or so). Tomorrow is the big day so I'm hoping to sell that many more.

Those who bought cookbooks are rather excited about it. Hope you can come out tomorrow (Sat.) and see me between 4 and 8 p.m.

The books will still be there through 6 p.m. Sunday, but I won't be there. Still, more than 30 local authors friends and 100 books are represented.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Local Authors, a Relaxing Place to Read and Much More at the Portland Home & Garden show

Here's the setup at the book booth for the Portland Home & Garden Show.

Looks nice and cozy, huh? It is--especially for bibliophiles. Perfect place to buy a great book and then lounge around reading it.

There are all kinds of books: Coffee Table Books, Cookbooks, Fiction, Non-fiction, etc.

Come on out for a look. 

FREE parking after 4 p.m. Thursday and Friday and admission to the entire show is just $8 with the coupon below.

Support your local authors and have your books signed.

Hope to see you there! (The coupon is below.)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The NEW Second Edition of LIGHTS, CAMERA, WORSHIP! will be officially available as a paperback on February 28, 2014. That's when I'll have copies on hand to sign and sell. The books sell for $14.99.

HOWEVER, you can pre-order your copy now from Amazon and have it in five days. It is also available as an eBook for just $9.99 and you can have it TODAY!

15 Fantastic Chapters that will help you transform your ministry.

Book Release Party

I have committed to debuting the book at WORSHIP NW. Dates are Feb. 28 and Mar. 1. The event is in Keizer, Ore. I'll be sharing the space with author Andy R. Bunch who will be showcasing his book "On Becoming a Man."

Come on out and see us and get a signed copy of the book or order on Amazon. (Note, we'll also both be at the Portland Home and Garden Show this weekend (Feb. 20-23). [Note: LCW will not be available at the H&G Show event.]

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Might As Well Publish It Yourself

More on Storytelling from My Friend Chuck

How to Spice Up Your Story

5 Ideas to help you tell a better story!storyspice(Note: This is the third blog in a series on storytelling. Check outPart 1 and Part 2)Have you ever heard two people tell very different versions of the exact same story? Happens in our house all the time. I can recount an event and tell it to someone in less than 30 seconds—a "just the facts, ma’am" approach. My wife's version of the same story might take a good 5 minutes and she will add details that I never noticed; sometimes I am convinced she is making things up. We remember things differently and when we retell them, our versions are greatly influenced by how the event affected us personally. It might have been no big deal to me but a very significant event for my wife. My version is boring; hers is animated and full of life.

Telling a good story is more than just recounting details and facts. A good story engages the listener in ways they can identify with you and compels them to listen.  Here are 5 tips to help you spice up your story... Read More

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Local Author Line-up at Home & Garden Show NIWA Booth

Thursday Feb. 20th Authors

11am – 2pm Ripley Patton

11am – 8pm Roslyn McFarland

11am – 8pm Adam Copeland

1pm – 5pm Maggie Lynch

2pm – 6m Gregory E. Zschomler

2pm – 6pm Andy Bunch

6pm – 8pm Brian Tashima

Friday, Feb 21st Authors

11am – 2pm Courtney Peirce

11am – 2pm Ripley Patton

11am – 2pm Patrick Timm

11am – 5pm Roslyn McFarland

12noon – 5pm Susie Slanina

2pm – 5pm Amanda Washington

2pm – 6pm Andy Bunch

2pm – 6pm Gregory E. Zschomler

3pm – 8pm Maggie Lynch

4pm – 8pm Adam Copeland

5pm – 8pm Heidi Tretheway

6pm – 8pm Brian Tashima

Saturday, Feb 22nd Authors

10am – 12noon Steve Davala

10am – 1pm Brian Tashima

10am – 2pm Athena

10am – 2pm Patrick Timm

10am – 2pm Andy Bunch

10am – 8pm Roslyn McFarland

12noon – 4pm Susie Slanina

1pm – 4pm Ripley Patton

2pm – 6pm Tonya Macalino

2pm – 6pm Raymond Macalino

2pm – 6pm Damien Macalino (child author)

4pm – 8pm Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

4pm – 8pm Gregory E. Zschomler

6pm – 8pm Jeff Shermer

Sunday, Feb 23rd Authors

10am – 12noon Susie Slanina

10am – 2pm Tonya Macalino

10am – 2pm Raymond Macalino

10am – 2pm Damien Macalino (child author)

10am – 6pm Pam Bainbridge Cowan

10am – 6pm Andy Bunch

10am – 6pm Roslyn McFarland

12noon – 4pm Athena

2pm – 6pm Brad Cameron

2pm – 6pm Adam Copeland

2pm – 6pm Courtney Pierce

2pm – 6pm Maggie Lynch

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Discount to the Home & Garden Show

Come out and see me, my books, other NIWA indie authors and their books and a whole lot more at the 2014 Portland Spring Home and Garden show.

We'll be selling and signing our books. And use the coupon for $2 off admission and FREE Parking!

New Book in the Works for Fall 2014

I am currently editing a book (due out this summer), gearing up to market another (due out at the end of the  month), and writing another (due out this fall). 

Here is a proposed cover for the one I'm writing. Tell me what you think.

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Endorsement for LIGHTS, CAMERA, WORSHIP!

"It is without question that today's growing church is invariably using as much technology as they can manage (or afford), and rightly so. While the timeless message of hope we present always remains the same, our methods can and should change in order to reach this generation, and speak the language of the culture we find ourselves serving. Living Hope Church would not be where it is today without the use of Media Arts and 'techie's' like Greg, who along the way knew how to make the caffeine-overloaded creative team's vision a reality. 

"In Lights, Camera, Worship!, Greg offers immense expertise and information in all areas of worship technology, packaged in an easy-to-understand format that all can benefit from. I highly recommend this resource to any team wishing to take the risk to become a Dangerous Church."
Pastor John Bishop,
Lead Pastor, Living Hope Church, 
Author; Dangerous Church, Zondervan, 2011.