Friday, January 29, 2016

New Speculative Fiction Novel Released Leap Day 2016

The final cover design by G. Zschomler
"I felt like I was channeling J.J. Abrams
with so many lens flares." 
The new book, pictured left, is on schedule for its February 29, 2016 release. What you see at the left is the final cover design. (Below and on the right you may also view the back cover.) I've also included the book's video trailer at the end of this post.

Before you go there here's a couple snippets from the opening of the book:

t has long been speculated that parallel worlds (or universes) exist side by side—or, rather, together in the same space; one, perhaps, within another within another. Although imagined, never in the wildest dreams of scientists, has anyone ever thought it possible to travel inter-dimensionally. And no one—no one—ever believes me when I tell them that I have, in fact, achieved that very feat...

o, there I was in a funk, licking my wounds and trying to decide if I should quit before they had the chance to can me. I was crumpled into my desk chair, wallowing in self-pity, pondering the sad state of human beings and questioning my calling when into my study walked a woman I had never seen before.

You may enlarge images by double
clicking them. Art by G. Zschomler
     In her hand she held a staff of the most grizzled wood, twisted, but worn smooth. She was the most ancient woman I’d ever seen and I’d seen some doozies down here (you can’t unsee the sagging, wrinkly sight of an aged woman sunbathing in a bikini on the beach).

     She looked well beyond old-age—craggy, leathery, thin to the point of frail, ashen and gray of hair—as if she’d actually come back from the grave where she might have spent more than a few decades.

     Mind you, she was gnarled and well-weathered, but not haggard, and didn’t appear to have the stink of death upon her. In fact, she smelled of jasmine, pine and cinnamon (sort of like Christmas), which was really quite lovely. I remember thinking: Perhaps they were burial spices?  

     Not only had I never seen her before (and I would know this because she was extremely peculiar) I was taken aback immediately by her manner of dress. The woman wore a long fur overcoat; black and white striped stockings, combat boots; a flour-sack prairie dress, and an aviator’s cap—complete with steam-punk type goggles cocked atop the cap.

    She extended a crooked, knobby finger and inquired of my identity, almost as if it weren’t a question at all.

     “You Pastor Micah Rickmond?” 

"I wrote this book to address questions we all have by sharing experiences similar to those we all endure, but I did it using a sci-fi vehicle which makes the story especially intriguing." ~the author

Preorders are now being accepted for signed copies ($10 plus post). Email me at:


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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Want Some New Books for Your Home?

It's time once again for the Spring Portland Home and Garden Show and that means that, once again, the Northwest Independent Authors (NIWA) will have their Book Booth at the show.

Many Northwest Authors will have their books for sale (including my ten titles) and many of the authors will appear for signings (I'll be there Sunday). Thursday the admission is FREE (with coupon) and parking is FREE after 4 p.m., too.

It's a great way to shop for new books (as well as other stuff) to grace your home and support local authors!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Impending Release of My New Sci-Fi Novel

A burnt out pastor thinks he’s living hell until he actually goes there.

"I wrote this book to address questions we all have by sharing experiences similar to those we all endure, but I did it using a sci-fi vehicle which makes the story especially intriguing." 

Pastor Micah had no idea what kind of powder keg he was stepping into with his new church assignment. Half the Gulf Coast congregation hates him, the chairman of the board is out to get him, a church split is in the works, his youngest daughter suffers from an autoimmune disease, his marriage is in turmoil, and years of 60 hour work weeks without a vacation are taking their toll. And that’s only the beginning.

In seminary a professor had joked, “ministry is hard; then you die,” but it was no joke to Micah—the stress is killing him and death seems a reasonable option for escape. Maybe imminent hurricane Charlie will do that for him; he doesn’t care.

That is until a mysterious old woman shows up to take him on a series of interdimensional journeys—around the world, to heaven, to hell and far beyond what he’d ever imagined. Just as things come crashing down around Micah, and he’s questioning everything he believes in and pondering leaving it all behind, his eyes are opened to a few astounding realities.

Does God cause the chaos? If He’s truly Sovereign then isn’t He responsible for the mess the world is in? How can such a god be loving? How can He be trusted?

A work of supernatural, spiritual and speculative fiction based on actual events.

AVAILABLE LEAP DAY, February 29, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

Writer's Conference on the South Oregon Coast

The South Coast Writers Conference
February 12 & 13, 2016

Keynote Speaker Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Registration is now open!

Peter Brown Hoffmeister, Keynote
The South Coast Writers Conference is an eclectic gathering of writers of various genres, novice and published authors, returning and first-time attendees. It is our goal that participants and presenters leave the conference inspired and renewed, with new insights and skills, and better connected to fellow writers and resources. 

Once again they have invited some of the Northwest’s best writers to guide you in an exploration and celebration of the many facets of writing. Participation in workshops is limited to 30 students or fewer, so register early to secure a seat in the workshops you want.

The conference is always scheduled on Presidents' Day weekend in the hopes that you will extend your stay to write and to explore the splendor of America’s Wild Rivers Coast. Visit our miles of spectacular beaches, explore our many hiking trails, or spend time on the mighty Rogue River.

The South Coast Writers Conference is co-sponsored by Southwestern Oregon Community College and the Gold Beach Visitor Center.

For more information on the conference, contact the Gold Beach Center of Southwestern Oregon Community College at 541.247.2741. For more information on the area, contact the Gold Beach Visitor Center at 800.525.2334 or go to their website at

The cost for the Saturday conference is $60.00 until January 31, after that date the cost is $70.00. A Friday workshop costs $55.00. Attendees have the option of a catered meal provided by Friends of the Fair: roast chicken, fresh salad, homemade rolls, coffee or tea; for $12.00/person, purchased in advance. Lunch will be served at the Showcase Building at the Event Center on the Beach.

Get Lit at the Beach is within Reach

Plan now if you want to take it in an entire weekend with great authors to learn from while enjoying books and the beach.

Follow the Get Lit Facebook page to stay informed. Book early (especially your lodging)'

AND plan to attend the Indie Author & Book Fair directly following the last session of Get Lit. 

There will be another 24 local (Washington and Oregon) authors on hand to sell and sign their books.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sick and Needing Chicken Soup Today, Also Need Some Stories for Chicken Poop

Eyrie Press is taking submissions for a new anthology.

Here’s how it will work:

You submit your funny farm stories.  (That’s tales from your life in the country, not stories from your stint in the asylum.)

If we like them we’ll edit them as needed and include them in our upcoming anthology. You get a free copy and you can buy additional copies at wholesale to sell for whatever you wish (wholesale is anticipated to be less than $10 and the suggested retail price will be $14.95). All authors will be credited and appreciated.

We want true (or partly true) tales of life in the country (urban farming okay). You may submit as many as you please, but we won’t print more than three from any given author.

Stories may be any length between 300 and 3,000 words, but we’re more likely to print stories between 500 and 1,500 words. All submissions need to be clean (poop is the strongest word we’ll print) and amusing (but they can be touching and meaningful, too). 


We don’t yet have the title story. So, we’re holding a contest. The best story about getting “chicken poop on your sole” (you can make this one up out of thin air if you need to) will win the privilege of being the first story in the book and you’ll receive $50 plus a certificate of merit and two additional free copies of the book.

Submissions should be emailed [as Word files] to:

Submissions will be received through March 2016 and we hope to publish in time for summer.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Another One Bites the Dust Jacket Due to Online Buyers

Jacobson's Books & More, Hillsboro, Oregon

The final chapter...

"For over 5-1/2 years Jacobsen's Books has served the community of Hillsboro with new and used books, supported local authors and hosted events. It has been a difficult journey, but I feel like the store has made an impact on the community, and I have mostly enjoyed it!

"It is with great regret that I have to announce that Jacobsen’s Books will be unable to stay open and will be closing the doors in February.

"Thank you to all who have supported me, shopped here, promoted the store and become my friends. I truly appreciate you, without such great community support we could not have been here for this long.

"I hate to be another bookstore that didn't make it, but I look back at all that we have achieved and I am proud of what was accomplished:
  • Events like Find Waldo- 3 years
  • Santa Claus - 2 years
  • Summer Reading Program- 3 years
  • Too many author events to name..
  • Carried over 100 local author books
  • Supported authors during the Farmer's Market
  • Offered discounts to schools and teachers
  • Donationed to many schools and other organizations- over $1500 worth of books alone in 2015

"It is a difficult business. I have a very loyal following but I also hear nearly every day people who say 'I’ll just buy it online.' Please support, or continue to support your local bookstores, really all local small retail businesses!"  

Thank you again.

Tina Jacobsen

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A New Year of Hopeful Writing

Happy New Year fellow writers and readers!

It is with great anticipation that I begin 2016. I plan to have three books published this year, beginning with the novel Hell, Heaven and Back which releases on Leap Day (Feb. 29). A new cookbook (Southwest BBQ & Tex Mex) should be out in time for summer and Bayou Boys Adventure #4 (Alien Ambush) out in time for Thanksgiving.

What might you have up your sleeve?

My hope is that more writing this year will present a more hopeful future. I am quite tired, as I'm sure many are, of post-apocalyptic distopian fare. Also I am tired of angel and demon fights--especially with swords (how about some imagination folks).

Here's to a productive New Year for all. Oh, and sales, too. :)