Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Advance Readers/Endorsements Sought for SAMSON

Another, as yet, revealed illustration by April M. Bullard
from "I'm Samson," said Sydney. (c) 2014
I just wrote the proposal materials for a Kickstarter campaign to produce my next children's book ("I'm Samson," said Sydney) with illustrations by April M Bullard

I'm need of a few blurbs to go in the pitch and on the back cover. In helping me out you'll see the material before anyone else and I'll make sure you get a FREE copy of the finished product. 

I'm looking for one from a mother of small boys, one from a Sunday school teacher, one from a children's pastor and I'll consider authors of children's books or pastors. Let me know ASAP. Please share.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

On the Road in CA with "Lights, Camera, Worship"

At Celebration Church in Fresno, California.
Photo by Josiah Zschomler.

Celebration Church, Clovis Campus, Fresno area, California. 

Always good to see what churches across the nation are doing.

This is my second time at Celebration Church. They do a LOT of things well and are generally very progressive.


Since I last visited, almost a year ago, nothing has changed. The set and lighting are virtually identical. (And there was still no open WiFi.)

What DID change--and this is the first time I've seen this--is a mid-worship costume change for the worship leader. W-what? Why?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another Illustration from "'I'M SAMSON,' SAID SYDNEY"

Illustration (c) by April Bullard for "'I'm Samson,' said Sydney"

Here's another illustration for you.

April Bullard has finished all the illustrations for "'I'm Samson,' said Sydney." I thought I'd share another one with you today. They are just so cool I HAVE to. I hope you're enjoying them as much as I am.

Next week I start formatting the book. I'm looking into doing it as a hard cover and, if I decide to pursue that option, I will run a Kickstarter campaign to finance it ($500). Basically that amounts to doing a pre-sale.

The award tiers will be something like this:

  • One book (signed by April and I) for $20 (post paid).
  • A 12" x 12" full color print (pictured) signed by April for $30.
  • A book and a print for $40.
  • Two copies of the book (second book mailed to the person of your choice) and a print for $50.
  • Plus a $100 bonus level TBA.

Will you be interested? You'll be the first to own a copy.

Friday, September 19, 2014

NEW NEWS! Preview Illustrations for "I'm Samson..."

April Bullard has (as of today) finished the last of the illustrations for "'I'm Samson,' said Sydney" and we'll be showcasing some of her work for the book at the:

Local Indie Author Meet & Greet 

at Brewed Awakenings (63rd & Andresen) tomorrow (Sat. Sept. 20) from 10 a.m. until noon.

Come on out for a preview, give us some feedback, talk to us about our process, buy one of our other books, have it signed, pre-order "Samson," enjoy a great cup of joe (iced or blended; the day will be hot and we'll be in AC)...whatever.

Plus there are other authors to hang with, too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Local Indie Authors at PDX Home & Garden Show

My books will be available at the Fall Portland Home & Garden Show along with many other books by other local indie authors. While I won't be there, my books will be. I encourage you to come on out and check out the many titles you can bring into your home.

The admission is $10, but you can get a $2 off coupon here: http://www.otshows.com/pfhs/the-show/discount-coupon/

If you want your books by me signed you should come out and buy them this Saturday (Sept. 20) at the Local Indie Author Meet & Greet at the 63rd St. Brewed Awakenings from 10 a.m. until noon (sse the post about the event below). Five other great authors will be there, too. The event is free.

If you can't make either of those I'll be in town signing my new childrens' picture book with the illustrator April Bullard on November 22. Time and place TBA. We'll have our other books available as well. This will be my last appearance in Vancouver this year.