BEYOND INSANITY: From the Launch Pad to New Dimensions
Valentine's Day, 2017

More personal essays, poems and pictures in the same ilk as ROCKETMAN (see below). Humorous, true stories about growing up, family, travel, scouting, and more.

Plus the snot-rippinly funny short-fiction: "The Day Renny Skaraosten Saved the North Coast." BUY NOW
CHICKEN POOP on my SOLE: Funny and Feel-Good Fodder from the Farm Memorial Day, 2016

Whether you’re a country bumpkin or a city slicker you know there’s something alluring about life on the farm. Even with its ups and downs, ins and outs, country living has a certain charm...and aroma.

Poop happens. And sometimes a little can do you a whole mess of good. 

Within these pages you’ll find more than twenty true farm and country tales, by sixteen farm- experienced authors, that will tickle your funny bone, bring a tear to your eye, or moo-ve you with joy and inspiration. Maybe all three in the same story! These are delightful little droppings for those difficult days when you’re cooped up and need a quick read to pick up your spirits or bring a fresh touch to your sole...(ahem) soul. 

Includes stories by: Joe Benjamin, Andy R. Bunch, Patrick Dwyer, Suzi Goedert, Chris Johnson, Bethany Rose Lewis, Carolyn Norland, Tammy Owen, Melissa Eskue Ousley, Dennis J. Sparks, Cherie Walter, Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Arvol E. Zschomler, Keilah Joy Zumstein and the editors.BUY NOW

THE BAYOU BOYS omnibus Memorial Day, 2016

All three Bayou Boys Adventures (Voodoo VirusMarsh Monster, and Playhouse Phantom in one volume!

See descriptions of the individual stories below. BUY NOW

HELL, HEAVEN and BACK Leap Day, 2016

A burnt out pastor thinks he's living Hell until he actually goes there.

A work of spiritual, supernatural and speculative fiction based on true events. Pastor Micah is at the end of his wits.

Everything seems to be going to Hell in a handbasket...until a mysterious woman appears to take him on a series of interdimensional journeys.

with illustrations by Roxanne Bowman

Forgotten. A relic. Louie despairs until, one dark and stormy night, his mighty light saves the day. The story also teaches the intrinsic value of each individual and encourages people young and old to keep believing in themselves.

Each keepsake paperback sold in a lighthouse gift shop or museum will create revenue for preservation and upkeep.   BUY NOW


In this new collection of ten sketches and two one-act plays, you’ll find good, clean drama that can be performed and enjoyed by all ages.This is a must have collection for you theater ministry or drama class.

The playwright’s wry sense of humor and keen insight into the human condition make each of these plays a surefire hit. Included are two Christmas sketches, two Easter sketches, a Thanksgiving sketch, plus skits on dating, family, communication and more for casts of two to ten players. $9.99 BUY NOW

ROCKETMAN: From the Trailer Park to Insomnia and Beyond Feb. 2015

In the tradition of humorists Patrick McManus, Dave Barry, Tim Allen, Bill Cosby, and (the author’s favorite) Bill Bryson, Zschomler takes a look at some of life’s quirks and quandaries through a comedic lens.  It’s a look back at a childhood in the 60s, followed by marriage and family in the 80s up until now.

“Inside, you’ll encounter a humorous and bitter-sweet slice of Americana. Always entertaining and encouraging, often auto-biographical, ROCKETMAN, will take the reader on a joy ride of wit and wisdom...”    ~from the Foreword by author Andy R. Bunch, Diner Tales BUY NOW

with Illustrations by April Bullard

Six-year-old Sydney is a boy with a heroic imagination. In this tale, told in engaging verse with stunning and whimsical illustrations, he imagines he’s the Bible character, Samson—the strong man of epic proportions. Acting out various battles with his toys, Sydney portrays the hero as only a child can. Based on the fantastic stories found in the Bible’s book of Judges. $14.99 (no ebook)

“My kids delighted in this retelling of Samson's story. The simple retelling was creative and easy to understand. A fun, modern parable for kids.” ~ Brock D. Eastman, author of The Quest for Truth series; Adventures in Odyssey team at Focus on the Family, and father of three. BUY NOW

LIGHTS, CAMERA, WORSHIP! Second Edition  Feb. 2014

The original edition is nearly ten years old, but still in use as a college textbook. This NEW expanded, revised and updated second edition contains three exciting NEW chapters! You will find it full of useful tips and tricks, suggestions and strategies, ideas and ideologies that are relevant to modern worship. A must have for all worship leaders and technical arts directors. And the cartoons are great! The eBook is just $9.99 and paperback is $14.99. BUY NOW

VOODOO VIRUS (A Bayou Boys Adventure) June 2012

As the first of a trilogy in the Bayou Boys Adventure series, this book is a gripping tale of intrigue and zombies. A middle reader that takes place in the Cocodrie Bayou of southern Louisiana featuring Bart and Pete on their first adventure uncovering zombies and a diabolical biological terrorism plot.

You may purchase the book for $6.99 at your local bookstore or on Amazon or, signed from the author for just $5 plus an additional $2.50 to cover postage and handling. It is also available as an e-book for just 99 cents. BUY NOW

MARSH MONSTER (A Bayou Boys Adventure)  June 2013

When their fathers go missing the boys encounter the Honey Island Swamp Monster and modern day pirate treasure-hunters. The second in the trilogy of Bayou Boys Adventures takes us for an adventure beginning in New Orleans and into the back country near Slidell. Pete's girlfriend joins the boys and may even save their bacon. A spine-tingling middle reader. The book is available in paperback for $8.99 and as an ebook for $3.99. BUY NOW

PLAYHOUSE PHANTOM (A Bayou Boys Adventure) Oct. 2013

The Bayou Boys come up against a "ghost" haunting an old antebellum house in the Garden District of New Orleans that was once used as a theater in this spooky middle-reader. A dead cat in the kitchen, bones piled where they shouldn't be, bloodied writing on the walls, a ghostly apparition telling them to get out and more. The boys are in real danger. What will they do? What will they discover? This book was released on Halloween 2013! 
Price is $8.99, ebook $3.99. BUY NOW

Big Papa Zee's CAJUN & CARIBBEAN Cookbook Dec. 2013

Yes, I've created a cookbook. Twenty recipes from Southern Louisiana and the Caribbean that you will enjoy making and eating. These were developed and taste-tested by me after much research, sampling (of actual cuisine) and trail and error. My family loves them and so will you. Many of the dishes use my own seasoning mixes hat I painstakingly developed so that all the guess-work would be taken away. Price is $5.99 BUY NOW
The AMISH vs. the ZOMBIES June 2014

Hannah is a restless 16 year-old Amish girl of Lancaster County, PA who travels to New York with her friends on rumspringa where one of them is exposed to an a agent that transforms him into a zombie. They inadvertently bring zombies back to their peaceful community where all hell breaks loose. Hannah is nearly eaten (as many others are) and she and the church must learn to deal with the challenges. A tale of tragedy and triumph, loss and love, hurt and hope. Since the book is quite graphic at times it is recommended for older teens. Paperback $9.99, ebook $2.99. BUY NOW

All my books may be ordered from your favorite bookstore or online source. HOWEVER, I encourage you to shop locally at your locally-owned indie bookstore. My books are in stock and available at:

Harbor BOOKS & Gifts
510 W. First St., Aberdeen, WA 98520

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